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iSociety is a web development company, employs an experienced team of professional php and asp, .Net programmers and talented designers who have been delivering excellent projects to our Customers since 2009. iSociety Web Developers have the expertise to deliver a well planned and executed Web Solution for your business. Our Web Developers also have the ability to improve your existing website to ensure a successful online business application.

We use programming languages and code to build a successful web model. Dotcom House uses the following comprehensive range of Web Development technologies: HTML / XHTML, PHP, MySQL, Flash, Java Script / AJAX, XML.

We analyze the technical construction of the web and online behavior of the target market, as well as verify the accuracy of domain information as it relates to your web marketing needs.

We evaluate and organize the information to design a Web Development strategy that correlates with your Web Marketing plan.

We design a blue-print for your website’s structure, layout, functionality and back-end systems.

We use programming languages and HTML tools, as well as other information technology, to create and structure the new site.

The testing team start their work to make the website development project an error free website.

We configure the new site to our state of the art, secure server environment and link the website to the domain information on the web.

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After the completion of website project we spend some time on making this website available with various search engines.

We monitor the website and its environments to ensure correct parameters at all times.

If you would like more information on how we can help you effectively communicate your brand and enhance your business through a professionally designed website, reach us an email or give us call. We pleased to hear about your project and share our ideas.