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Corporate Web Design (HTML, ASP, PHP, Graphics Based)


Code: 03

Code: 04
গড় শ্রীখন্ড
Code: 05
Code: 06
Pages 10 pages 20 pages 30 pages 50 pages
Web space 100 MB 100 MB 300 MB 1000 MB
Free Domain 1 1 1 1
Free Subdomain 2 3 5 10
Free Form / Feedback 1 2 3 5
Site Search  yes yes yes yes
Bandwidth Per Month 1000 MB 2000 MB 3000 MB 10000 MB
Pop3 mails 3 5 10 20
Free Domain * Yes Yes Yes Yes
Formmail / Feedback 1 2 3 4
FTP A/c 1 1 1 1
Updatation 5 times in a year 10 times in a year 15 times in a year 18 times in a year
Order Procedure and Terms & Conditions
  • Please write the order details in the prescribed form.
  • 1 year maintenance free! 
  • Updatation/maintenance includes only minor changes in Text/Image.
  • Packages cover: Domain Registration, Designing, Hosting & Maintenance.
  • The Page size will be maximum of 8.5×18 inches (Approx one and half A4 size Page) &
    font size will be minimum 10 pt. 
  • Page type will be of “.asp”/”.html”/”.php”
  • The package does not include database designing charge.
    The database designing charge is subject to discussion.
  • All the services will be active after clearance of full payment.
  • Cheque & Drafts accepted only for Web designing & Hosting Services, and cheques are subject to realisation.
  • Provider liability never crosses the 50% of the billing amount.
  • Payment once received can not be refunded. 
  • The rate of current contract or package may vary in the time of renewal from next year depending on the market scenario.  
  • It is customer’s responsibility to keep regular data back up of their hosting accounts, databases, mails or other data, to avoid unavoidable unfortunate unrecoverable circumstances and technical faults.
  • iSociety will not allow any website to launch in the server containing vulgarism or pornography.  
  • No warez (sites that contain illegal file downloads) sites will be allowed on our service.  
  • For Hosting services, iSociety will not hold any responsibility for any content or material of their websites or online displays, but holds the authority to stop the service if there is legal claim or court verdict.
  • All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Ghatal, West Bengal, India.

End User License & Rights:

    • All rights of the project code belong to Us. It can not be claimed by the client except the special agreement to purchase the code signed separately. The license to use the System will only be provided to the client and his users as per the Terms of Service agreed.

Domain Registration,Web Designing, Development or Hosting:

    • Domains are distributed as ‘first come first serve’ basis. So we will not be responsible if your domain become already booked in between time of receiving your payment. In that case you will be given option to book another domain.
    • Be sure to write down the Domain name and select the extensions accurately in your order. 
    • Domain once activated will not be changed a part of it.
    • Site updatation includes only the minor changes in text, image and links. 
    • Change of design, major changes in site, increase of space, extra pages will be treated as upgradation. Upgradation is totally different than updatation and it’s fully a chargeable matter. The charge of upgradation is subject to discussion.
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